Projects - Current

  • McCrea Street Extension - Project completion date is June 30, 2023
  • Rockhill Avenue Reconstruction - Project completion date is September 1, 2023
  • State Street - Beechwood Avenue - Sawburg Avenue Intersection Improvement - 2025 City of Alliance & ODOT Project
    • Intersection Improvement Project - City of Alliance State Street USRoute 62-STA-US62-3747 PID 113209
    • STA-62-3748 PID 113209 Prelim ROW Plans
    • STA-62-3748 PID 113209 Stage 2 Plans
      • Public Questions: How will this project benefit the area and motorists?  Why is this project being proposed at this time?
      • Response:  The project is proposed to enhance safety and improve traffic flow at the intersection of State Street with Beechwood Avenue and Sawburg Avenue intersection, and along the State Street corridor, by reducing traffic congestion and improving safety at business access points in proximity of the State Street/Beechwood Avenue/Sawburg Avenue intersection.  Detailed analysis of crash data and existing and future traffic demand stat identified need to reduce congestion and improve safety at the intersection.  The City was able to secure funding, including funding from the Stark County Area Transportation Study (SCATS) to design and construct this beneficial transportation improvement project.  
        Beechwood/Sawburg widening will redo the Beechwood side (northbound) of the State Street intersection to provide for two left turn lanes, a straight lane and a right turn lane. The Sawburg side (southbound) will be redone to provide a right turn lane, a straight lane, and a left turn lane. The intent of this project is to move a larger number of Beechwood and Sawburg traffic per unit of time, anticipating the volume of traffic at this intersection will continue to increase.
        This is currently an extremely busy intersection, and with an expectation of new businesses locating onto West State Street we expect the volume of traffic through this intersection to increase. The City attempts to maximize the amount of green light time afforded to traffic travelling along State Street, from end to end. The heavy volume of traffic reaching this intersection from both Beechwood and Sawburg at peak hours is difficult to clear with the current timing ratios. Affording an increased proportion of time to Beechwood and Sawburg though would have to come at the expense of the proportion afforded to State Street, which would then exacerbate efforts to clear this traffic during signaling cycles. This project’s design is to allow a greater volume of traffic on Beechwood and Sawburg to be cleared per unit of time than is currently possible without a need to reduce the time afforded to State Street.
        As an additional note, this is a FY 2024/2025 project. Preceding this project and occurring in 2023 is the McCrea extension. The McCrea project is intended to provide an alternative route for some of the Sawburg traffic volume, which should provide additional relief to the intersection at State Street. McCrea currently dead ends on its west end and all traffic must outlet to Sawburg. The extension will outlet to West Main Street in the industrial park providing access to Freshley Avenue.