Backflow Prevention

Backflow can occur under many conditions found in the water system. The most common are negative pressure and back pressure. Cross connections in private systems can cause a potential hazard in the City's water system unless certain precautions are taken. The Water Department has a backflow prevention program run under direction from the Ohio EPA to protect the consumer from any of these potential hazards.

Authority for the Water Department's backflow prevention program is derived from City ordinance number 147-94, ORC section 6109.13 and OAC section 3745-95.

The Water Department has required specific customers to install and maintain backflow prevention devices due to their potential for hazard. Customers who need a backflow device are:

  • INDUSTRIAL - All customers
  • COMMERCIAL - All new customers, all existing customers who are changing their billing information, customers with boilers or lawn irrigation systems, customers who's type of business is considered potentially hazardous.
  • RESIDENTIAL - Customers with boilers or lawn irrigation systems.

To report suspected cross-contaminations, please contact the Water Distribution Department at 330-823-5216.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency - Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Protecting our Public Water System

Call (330) 823-5216 for additional information.