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Billing Process Explained
City of Alliance Water Rates 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018
The water meters are read once per month. We read all the meters from the outside of your house by a pad that is connected to your meter. The bills are processed between the 5th and the 8th of every month. The due date will fall between or on the 20th thru the 24th depending on the calendar dates for that month.

The water is billed on a graduated rate according to the consumption registering on your meter. The sewer is billed at a flat rate under two separate rates. One is the DR, which is the debt payment for the construction of the sewer plant. The other is MR, which is for maintenance and repair on the sewer plant. The sewer charges are calculated on your water consumption.

Example: 300 cu. ft. of water used inside the city limits is calculated thus:

     3.00 x $6.3579 =    $19.07 water charge
     3.00 x $3.2546 =    $9.76 MR sewer charge
     3.00 x $0.4195 =    $1.26 DR sewer charge 
                                         $30.10 minimum water bill inside the city

Example: 300 cu. ft. of water used outside the city limits is calculated thus:

     3.00 x $11.1263 =   $33.38 water charge
     3.00 x $3.2546 =    $9.76 MR sewer charge
     3.00 x $0.7341 =     $2.20 DR sewer charge 
                                         $45.35 minimum water bill outside the city

As long as there is a meter in a house and the water is on at the curb box, you will continue to receive a minimum water bill, even though you are not using any water.

To avoid paying minimum bills every month, you can arrange to have the meter removed and the water turned off at the curb box. There is a $10 fee to turn the water off and another $10 fee to turn it back on again. These figures are the inside city rates. For outside city rates it would be $17.50 each. So if the house is going to be vacant for any length of time, it would be beneficial to take the meter out. And if the house is vacant over the winter and there is no heat in the house, the meter could freeze and break and cause water damage. There is a charge for a frozen meter of $45.

City of Alliance Garbage Rates 7/1/2018 to 6/30/2019 (Inside City Limits)
Standard Service
Backdoor Service
Bag Service (Seniors 65+)

Kimble Bags

Additional Carts (monthly)
Cart Replacement (per time)
Cart Delivery (per time)
$7.24  (Requires using Kimble bags)

$0.36 per bag


*All 3 services include a 65-gallon recycle cart.

*Minipacker collection on private streets adds $3.00 per month to the service rate selected.  Residents of private streets may have collection provided by a smaller truck, for an additional fee, provided all residents of the private street elect this option.

*Garbage service rate is per month, due in the month of service.