Keep Alliance Beautiful Commission

Meets every other month, at 5:00 PM at the Park Office, 2930 S. Union Avenue, Alliance, Ohio 44601

Per ordinance Number 08-06, the KAB Commission shall consist of ten members, residents of the greater Alliance area, nominated by the Mayor and approved by Council. Terms are for two years and no member shall serve more than two successive terms. The members shall be nominated from the following groups: Business, Industry, or Professional – 1; Labor – 1; Community Service Organizations – 1; Primary Education – 1; Secondary Education – 1; Higher Education – 1; Members at Large – 3. Safety/Service Director is a permanent, non-voting ex-officio member.

Marikay Colbert - Business, Industry, or Professional (Alliance Computer Exchange)

Helen Miller- Labor

Kathryn Miller - Community Service Organization (Shade Tree Commission)

Jocelyn Zeedrich - Primary Education (Northside Elementary) 

Elyse Cain- Secondary Education (Alliance High School)

Jamie Greiner - Higher Education (University of Mount Union)

Sharon Andreani - At Large  

Beth Gray - At Large

Brittany Shields - At Large

Barb Sferra - Representing Safety Service Director